Straw – Litter and Forage

On a separate production line 6-8 and 12 straw chunks are produced for feed and bedding.

This straw pellet is an additional structure feed for the rearing of calves. The product is supplied in big bags or in bulk.

In addition, we produce chopped straw in bales of 20 kg and grinded straw in bales of 25 kg. This is mainly sold as bedding in the stable and for feed.

Chopped / grinded straw from Oldambt in bales

Environmentally friendly, natural litter

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Genesis: Traditionally straw is a well known litter in your stables/boxes. By the emergence of slatted floor barns long raw straw disappeared for a large part from the stables and chopped or grinded straw came in its place.

Straw kind: Wheat straw and rapeseed straw serves the best for chopped and grinded litters.

Biological: We are certified by Skal for producing organic straw litter.

Chopped straw length is 3-6 cm. Grinded straw length is 0 – 2.5 cm. Chopped rapeseed straw is slightly coarser than chopped wheat straw.

Chopped / grinded straw from Oldambt has many advantages:
■  Chopped / grinded straw is made of natural straw, so environmental and animal friendly.
■  Chopped / grinded straw has a high absorption of moisture.
■  Chopped / grinded straw is packed in stackable bales chopped straw of 20 kg and grinded straw in bales of 20/25 kg, deliverd on pallets (1,20 x 1,60 mtr.)
■ Chopped / grinded straw is virtually dust-free, due a unique 6-point dust extraction.
■ In the system there is a weighing unit placed so we can guarantee a constant bale weight
■ Chopped / grinded straw has a good digestion in the manure.
Consumption Quantities: Overall, it can be argued that the amount of chopped straw to use corresponds to that of sawdust.

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