Oldambt Crop Driers

Since 1951 Oldambt produced dried Alfalfa. Two dehydration drums with an evaporating capacity of 45.000 litres per hour means a production of 15 Mt Alfalfa pellets per hour. The production is 35.000 Mt dehydrated fodder yearly. Besides these two production-lines there is a separate production-line for straw products. Grass and Alfalfa are dehydrated from May to November. During this period there is a shift work of five and a half day weekly. 25 Persons are active in the dehydration factory.

Alfalfa and grass pellets

Oldambt Crop Driers contracts yearly over 1.650 hectares of excellent soil for growing Alfalfa. The fresh green Alfalfa is mowed, chopped and blown into containers afterwards.

Alfalfa is dried directly in the drying plant and pressed into 6 mm pellets. These pellets will be sold to the compound feed industry all over the year. They are processed in chicken-, pig-, horse-, and rabbit fodder. The grass pellets go directly to the farmer to feed his own cows and sheep.

Alfalfa and grass in bales

Groenvoer Opeinde Friesland B.V. is a 100% daughtercompany of Oldambt B.V. On this locationĀ  we produce Alfalfa- and Grass-bales (Ā± 380 kg). For more information: Groenvoer Opeinde Friesland B.V.

Alfalfa, natural healthy forage feed

Alfalfa is grown with great care under private control. Alfalfa contains 17% crude protein, 100 mg carotene and several natural vitamins in dry matter. Therefore, Alfalfa is an excellent fodder for cows, horses, sheep, goats and small cattle.


The storage-capacity of Oldambt Crop Driers is 35.000 Mt products in bulk.


A great part if the production will be exported to Germany, England, Portugal and Northern Africa. Oldambt Crop Driers is located 20 km from harbours in Groningen and Delfzijl.

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