B.V. Oldambt

B.V. Oldambt is a crop drier for feed and litter. We produce grass and alfalfa pellets (bulk or in bigbags/sacks) and bales (± 380 kg) during the period May to November. The harvesting and processing of grass and alfalfa is in house.

Our producs are GMP and HACCP certified. Our organic green forage are SKAL certified. We have two drum dryers with a water evaporation capacity of 45.000 liters per our. The products we can supply throughout the year from our own warehouses and silos (capacity 35.000 tons).

We also produce straw pellets, a supplementary feed for calves also we make straw products in bags of 20 kg (chopped) and 25 kg (grounded) for litter in stables. Groenvoer Opeinde Friesland B.V. is a 100% subsidiary of Oldambt. At this location, we produce grass and alfalfa bales (± 380 kg). An important activity is contract drying, dry farmers own grass/alfalfa in pellets or bales.

Oldambt is member of the Dutch Commission Déshydrateurs (VNG)
VNG is member of the Commision Intersyndicale des Déshydrateurs Européens
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